Configurating the Google Base Feeder for Zen Cart

Once the Google Base Feeder for Zen Cart had been installed, you will need to register/login to Google Base at You will have to agreed for the terms of use and entering some basic information if it is your first time to login.

Now, look for the “Setting” tab at the top and select “ftp account” on the subsequence menu to create the details.


You can now enter the desire username and password for the ftp upload.

Once the above had been done, login to your Zen Cart backend administration interface and browse to Configuration >> Google Base Feeder Configuration to enter the details which had just created at the Google Base.


Be focused on the FTP Username, FTP Password, Store Address and Store Description. Obtain those details had copy them to the Zen Cart screen.

Now navigate to Tools >> Google Base Feeder and create the feed by clicking on the [HERE] at the “Create Product Feed” then upload the feed to Google Base by clicking the [HERE] at the “Upload Product Feed”.


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